Hybrid Energy Development  identifies the most suitable geothermal reservoir for your renewable energy project

What is Geothermal?

  • Heat continuously produced by the Earth itself
  • Adjustable and stable source for sustainable heat and electricity
  • Reliable, large-scale and own energy source
  • Provides long-term price and energy security
  • Encourage local parties to coöperate
  • CO2 free – contributes to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Increase local employment
  • A pioneer of the financial energy reserves of the future, heat reserves!

Project phases and guidance

HED carries out the entire process for you from the initial exploration, financial and technical feasibility study, exploration and drilling to the development of conventional geothermal projects and related permit applications. We also assist you with your grant applications for these projects. During the entire process we take you into the choices that are important to you.

Risk management

Through expert interpretation and integration of all existing and new required data from the subsurface, including borehole measurements and seismic data, HED ensures the most reliable interpretation and modeling of the fracture systems and earth layers in the subsurface at your project location. This approach has been proven in both oil and gas projects and geothermal projects worldwide.


HED designs efficient geothermal exploration wells and production wells to adequately determine, characterize and operate your reservoir. With the help of modern simulation techniques based on all information and interpretation, a realistic potential heat production is predicted.