Welcome to Hybrid Energy Solutions,

Hybrid Energy Solutions is a consulting company specializing geothermal energy.

It is our view that energy supply in the future will ne 100% sustainable. This will be realized with clever combinations of existing technology. Hybrid Energy Solutions aims to play a role in the integration process of geothermal energy in this durable system.

Geothermal energy is a form of sustainable energy because it concern an unlimited supply and because there is no CO2 emission into the atmosphere. Almost no fossil fuel is used with the exception of the electricity used by the pump which is only a small fraction of the produced thermal energy.


Advantages of the application of geothermal energy are:

• Reliable

Available the whole year day and night (baseload energy source)

• Sustainable

• Saves environment and climate

Does not conflict with other activities in the public space

Combines well with other energy resources

• No CO2 emission and large saving on natural gas